Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Llama Llama

Knox County Public Library sponsored the fifth annual Children's Festival of Reading at the World's Fair Park this past Saturday. There were all kinds of family-friendly activities going on all afternoon to help promote reading and literacy. This photo shows the literacy parade, featuring eight foot tall characters from the popular "Llama Llama" childrens book series. The guy in the suit is Tennessee Senator Tim Burchett, a local advocate for children's literacy.

The festival was a great success - an estimated 10,000 parents and kids showed up. I was volunteering in the Friends of Literacy booth doing face painting. Just in case you wanted to know, the most requested items in face painting are dolphins for girls, and Spiderman masks for boys.

p.s. oops, I had my post for theme day in draft form and forgot to publish it. Oh well, it was a rerun anyway. I have been greatly distracted lately by ... life.


Bob Crowe said...

Clever idea. Who would think you would fine llamas wandering around Tennessee? Every time I read something about llamas, my mixed-up brain thinks of the poem The Llama by Ogden Nash. See http://www.who2.com/ogdennash.html.

marley said...

Great way to promote children reading.

Hilda said...

What a wonderful event! Wish we had something like this in our community. I'd volunteer too, but I have no idea how to get one started.

Babooshka said...

Look its too early to be drinking, even for me but I swear you have this freaky ginat llamas running around your blog. I'd definitley have gone for the spiderman one.