Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Midnight Train To Knoxville

The Louisville & Nashville passenger depot, built in 1905, is still standing despite road construction and downtown development. This is a detail of the neon sign that hangs outside of the building.

The L&N was a grand station in its heyday, with stained glass windows, tiled floors, and a separate Ladies Waiting Room. But everything changes, time moves on, and the last passenger train rolled out of the station in 1968.

Salvation came with the 1982 Worlds Fair, which was built on the site of the old railways, and used the depot as one of the focal points of the fair, full of shops and restaurants.

The main section of the depot doesn't have a restaurant in it currently, but the space can be rented out for special occasions. I have a couple of shots that I'll share with you in the next few days of some interior details.


Tanya said...

I'm happy that the World's Fair breathed new life into this gem! It would have been a tragedy if it were left alone to fall into shambles.

Now you've got me hummin' Midnight Train to Georgia :D

babooshka said...

This would be left to fall into squalor in the UK. Good to see common sense at play here. Got that '70s orange glow going on again.

Leedra said...

Our REAL landmark, although we all think of the Sunsphere first anymore.