Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brian's Cathedral

As I mentioned yesterday, the first round of artworks to appear on the graffiti wall were not copies of famous works by known artists, but original visions by not-so-famous artists. In the past week, one of those originals has reappeared.
Brian Pittman, a local architect and historic preservationist, pulled out a black marker and began sketching on the wall one day while waiting on some friends to arrive. This sketch revealed itself as a gothic cathedral, not one that we know, but one that sprang purely from his imagination. Over the next few days, people began to write encouraging comments to him beside his art, so he came back and finished the work - a glorious cathedral with fantastic spires.
Then it was lost with all the other art in a sea of brown-red paint.
But the experience led Brian to create more works on paper that now hang framed in a local shop on the square. Admittedly, this new work is part advertisement, but still, I'm glad to see original art return to this wall for the passersby to enjoy. 


D said...

Advertising or not, his work is beautiful and I'm glad he got inspired to share it.

Petrea said...

It's gorgeous, and he's right to advertise his work. It ought to be seen!

marley said...

Thats a cool story. Just goes to show what can happen from a bit of graffiti :)

Jim said...

beautiful artwork.

babooshka said...

Tis is so great he is encorgaed. I am going to send gary out to do this, "local BBC Politcal Cartoonist and artist drawing here." Bet he's be arrested within a minute. We don't like artists or photographer' here. Brian's work looks so detailed. Talented man