Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caboose In a Box

David Attenborough narrates in a hushed voice:

"Here at the Railroad Sanctuary on the edge of downtown Knoxville, you can see the Red Caboose in its natural habitat enclosure. Don't get too close. It's wild, you know. The Red Caboose roams along the banks of the Tennessee River following the Steam Locomotive. Its long, solitary winter hibernation will be ending soon in spring, when it awakens to forage along the tracks."

Or it could just be sitting there waiting for repairs. Whatever.


Saretta said...

I, for one, feel safer knowing that wild creature is locked up! ;-)

Babooshka said...

David Attenborough? He is the Daddy here when it comes to wildlife. Free the caboose it needs to run wild.