Monday, March 16, 2009

Where Seagulls Dare

I will never understand how seagulls find their way this far inland - we're eight hours from the nearest coast - but there's another one soaring above the Gay Street Bridge.

I've been kind of scarce on the Internets these days again, I know - work, work, work. And glad that I have a job.


Jacob said...

The seagulls probably heard there was food to be had. Actually, I've often wondered the same thing...they seem to travel far beyond what would seem to be their natural habitat - the seas.

Maybe they just wanted to fly over the Gay Street Bridge?

Babooshka said...

Just post, no commenst necessary. I think you are doing 100 bridge cahllenge too now. That title. Wish I had done that one. A bird, a birdge, a mono. Have you noved to Ramsey?