Saturday, January 17, 2009

Empty Kilns

For the next few days, I've loaded up some more photos of Ijams Nature Center and the Mead Quarry area because, y'all, it's just TOO DARN COLD to go out and take new photos. My little Southern-acclimated self just can't deal with single digit Farenheit.

So, be patient. I have a list of places to go, things to photo, when Knoxville thaws out a bit.

These are the old lime kilns at the Mead Quarry site. The pile of white lime ash is there in the foreground.


Bob Crowe said...

This has very remote and ominous feel. What's in there? The picture makes me think of the beehive-shaped charcoal kilns way, way out on the edge of Death Valley National Park. Now that's remote. These are probably closer to civilization.

Laurie said...

This shot is so wonderful. I love the ethereal/unusual quality of that lime in the black and white. IT almost looks like snow. The graphic quality of those shadowy tunnels in a row... it's just great. I love this.

Virginia said...

This is a great photo and don't apologize! It's so darn cold here I can't even talk about it. Girl, we didn't bargain for these temps down here did we????? Froze my ninnies off taking photos today and it's so DARK< GRAY< COLD. Yuck. You'd think we were in Yankee land wouldn't you??? No offense to ya'll up there that like this kind of weather!

Maybe some FB would warm me up!:)

Babooshka said...

I had some beach ones lined up and as they have been rained off. Love the many layered look. Haven't seen a quarry in years.

As you can see I am doing a blitz on the comments. Bad week this end.

D said...

Looks like several of us southern bloggers are digging into the archives because we can't stand the cold! This is a very interesting photo. The kilns remind me of the abandoned coke ovens in my county. Just as soon as it warms up, I might go take pics of those!