Sunday, January 11, 2009


Enough with the nature, let's get citified again for a moment.

Lucille's in the Old City was a classy little hole-in-the-wall jazz joint for many years. The best of the Knoxville jazz scene would play there. And before you go making rude noises about the words "best", "jazz", and "Knoxville" residing cozily in the same sentence, let me remind you that the Jazz Studies program at UT attracts some very talented students and faculty to our area.

Anyway, Lucille's. It had a reputation not only as one of the best jazz venues in town, but also as the go-to place for visiting performers to unwind after their shows. It's true. I was there the night Joan Baez danced on top of the bar to the sounds of Donald Brown and his jazz quartet.

Too bad Lucille's is no more, only the sign remains. The place is now a beer-and-BBQ spot, and while I do enjoy my occasional beer and BBQ, it doesn't have the same flair. And believe me, in this crummy economy, we need some flair. You picked a fine time to leave us, Lucille's.


Tanya said...

That was a great post, especially the last sentence! Perfect!

Karen said...

Lucky you to see Joan Baez dance on the bar. Sad that Lucille's is gone but it seems the memories linger on.

Good post and the photos in your previous ones are beautiful.

Babooshka said...

Now we're talking. Knoxville really suits mono for that cinematic feel. I keep getting the Last Picture Show. Joan Baez on a bar. Just not fair. I really envy you that. France is the last bastion of these places.

Bibi said...

So sad to see the place is gone, and places like this, but at least you have the memories. Joan Baez came to Belgrade once, and I missed her! Good post, right down to the Kenny Rogers' ending.

Tash said...

This is what I think of when I hear Lucille: - Little Richard perfoming Lucille on Motown Live
Great sign & I really like the old Coke sign too. Very cool about seeing Joan Baez let her hair down.