Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Vols

It's football time in Tennessee. That means the University of Tennessee Volunteers have started their season.
What do you mean, you don't know what port-a-potties have to do with football? You're obviously not from around here. That bright orange with the white T are the university colors. And the enthusiasm for showing those colors is called Volmania. You'll see orange and white on everything from clothing to cars to ... well, port-a- potties like these.
East Tennesseans are passionate UT football fans, and football is big business. Well, those forty thousand people crammed into Neyland Stadium have to eat. And buy more orange and white souvenirs. Did you know that that particular shade of bright orange is trademarked by the University, and you must be licensed by them to sell anything colored with that orange? 
I'll admit, I'm not a football fan, and I often roll my eyes when I know I'll have to plan my comings and goings around game day traffic. On the other hand, it's fun to watch the absolute Spectacle of it all.
So, good luck Vols and Vol fans. All I ask of you is to let me through to get my grocery shopping done.


Steffe said...

My old football team (the original European sport), also uses orange as their color. But my city is a bit smaller, so there's never been a need for any port-a-potties. Nice story.

Patty said...

If I remember correctly I think it is a law in TN that you must own something Orange and wear it on Saturday ha ha. It was several years after I moved away before I finally eliminated all the orange from my wardrobe.
Great photo of the pora-potty!

Virginia said...

Oh you are absolutely right! We Auburn fans , color us orange and blue, know the difference in Auburn orange and UT orange. I will admit to being a tad obsessive during football season myself. War Eagle!
I need to check and see what color our potties are at Jordan Hare!

Hilda said...

LOL! You sound like me during our university basketball season. Drives me crazy sometimes, and usually bores me to death — does it really have to take two hours to talk about a three-point shot? Ah well, to each his own.

I must say that UT's orange is really eye-catching. But on port-a-potties? And if they start stinking, as I'm sure they do after a game, what does that say about the university? :D

USelaine said...

And here you give me a chance to say something I never expect to repeat: that hydrant sure sets off those potties nicely!

Hope said...

Really puts a new meaning on "Go Big Orange." If you've gotta go, it might as well be in an orange porta potty.

Benjamin Madison said...

Yes, the hydrant sets off the porta-potties beautifully. Nice to see the Knoxville authorities are as thoughtful for dogs as for their owners, but I hope you will explain why there are three potties for men and only one for women.

angela said...

port a potties:)) And I was going to say at least you can't miss them they're so bright but I guess when everything's orange they'll be camouflaged.
You really brought your town alive with that story..

Laurie said...

For a second, I thought this pic was from MY alma mater. (University of Texas is burnt orange and white after all!)

Cool shot, Knoxville girl!

MyKnoxville said...

It's a one-stop piddle shop for man and man's best friend.

Knoxville Girl said...

Steffe - thanks for visiting. Ah, yes, the original football! We have some fans of that sport here in town too.
Patty - LOL! I have one - and only one - orange T shirt that I use to blend in when necessary.
V- Girl, you KNOW what I'm talking about! Would people revile me if I root for Georgia? UGA! UGA! UGA!
Hilda - a "football minute" can last 15 minutes. yawn. They do take the potties away pretty quickly after the game is over.
Elaine - only you could discuss the aesthetics of hydrant colors. That's why I like you!
Ben - no one pays attention to the little man/woman symbols. BTW, I'm waiting for hockey season - how 'bout them Canucks
Hope - yes indeedy! Hence my title - glad to see you got the joke!
Angela - you're right, non-orange stands out more. Glad you enjoyed the story.
Laurie - ohhh, the - ahem - Other UT. Can you imagine the confusion if they were both in the SEC? I can. It would be fun.

Thanks for stopping by. everyone!

Knoxville Girl said...

MyKnox - you crack me up, dude

babooshka said...

Vodaphone piss posts. Oh how I wish I could have got there earlier to say that. Home games, ROADBLOCKS.

marley said...

Orange-a-rama! Great shot :)