Saturday, September 20, 2008

In the Navy

In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas. Or so the Village People proclaimed in their 1970s hit song. But in the Vol Navy, you can sail right up the Tennessee River and dock near the stadium.
The flotilla of orange and white rests peacefully at anchor in the early morning before the game, framed by the arch of the Henley Street bridge. 
And so as not to deprive you of all that orange-and-whiteness, here's a close-up of some UT football fans and their boats:
I'm telling you, this stuff just boggles my mind.

Addendum: a gracious thank you to Leedra, who gave me a blog award. I'd pass it on to five other blogs that I enjoy, except that there are many more than five!


Hope said...

I love the mist of the early morning...the orange and white everywhere boggles my mind too. I've lived in Knoxville all my life and have never been to a UT football game. We are fans but mostly in our hearts. Occasionally I'll wear orange on Friday or Saturday.

Virginia said...

I've heard about the flotilla but never seen it in person. Careful now, I might have to break into a little "Kick em in the butt big Blue!"

Your misty river (that sounds like a song title) shots are superb. Bring em on. We want to see more.

Hilda said...

Pretty! We don't get mist here in Metro Manila — too bad because I really love how it makes everything seem so soft and peaceful.

And Volmania boggles my mind too. Though I do like the orange and white stripes on that boat. Makes it cute. ;)

angela said...

This looks so romantic and mysterious I can't believe it's connected to football..just doesn't seem right.

Rambling Round said...

Now, this is one way to get a good parking place! (I'm watching that Tenn./Fla. game right now!)

babooshka said...

Your football fans have boats! This is a Louis La Vache mystical mist shot. Loved the cheesy link.YMCA is still played at every wedding recption here.

Knoxville Girl said...

Hope - Bless you! Now I don't feel like such an anomaly. In the many years I've lived here, I've been to one game - with my dear friend from Atlanta. We were rooting for Georgia.
V- this is the time of year for mist on the river. I'm sure I'll have more.
Hilda - we have cooler temps now combined with 94% humidity - mist is inevitable. I think the orange boats are cute too.
Angela - yes, that disconnect is one of my issues.
Rambling Round - oh yes, it's primo space. Alas, poor Rocky Top, Gators ate 'em up.
B - glad you liked it; it's tasty cheese. They just performed a few weeks ago at the fair, but I missed it. Comparison to Louis is high praise indeed, thanks.

Leedra said...

It boggles my mind too. It would be great if people would get this enthusiastic about church.