Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Layer Cake

First, you make a nice, solid rectangle for the base layer. Then you put another rectangle on top of it to give some symmetry and heft. Some cylinders across the top would look interesting, even if they're really part of the White Lily flour mill. Decorate the outside with some frippery like palladian windows, a loggia, and some wrought iron. Fill it with the usual concoction: a series of nightclubs or restaurants. There now. You've just made an architectural Old City layer cake.


Tanya said...

Good eye, a layer cake! You are always so clever like that!

marley said...

Tasty looking building! Lol!

Babooshka said...

There's me thinking erm Daniel Craig in the film with lots of whipped cream... Sorry the building is begging for the bride and gloom(intended) to be atop.