Monday, February 16, 2009


Yesterday I showed you the long arm of the Torchbearer on the University of Tennessee campus at the entrance to Circle Park. Designed in 1931 by Theodore Andrew Beck, this statue was the contest winner that captured the "spirit of University youth and its ideal of service."

Unfortunately, the Great Depression and World War II intruded on the university scene, so the statue was not cast until 1967, after a major campus expansion and successful fund drive for the sculpture.

So there he stands in fair weather and foul, with Winged Victory perched on his left hand, and his eternal torch flaming to "standeth in shadow to give light to others."

But I still think it looks like karaoke.


Babooshka said...

Not Elvis then. That was quite a while he had to wait-67. When you mentioned winged victory I thought he might be wearing Nike footwear!

Saretta said...

Looks a bit like some of the Fascist-era art we have over here!

marley said...

Great statue, glad he got cast in the end!

Hilda said...

I think I like your karaoke in Hades idea better! :D

Here I go again: Who makes sure the flame never goes out? Or is it allowed to go out?