Sunday, February 22, 2009

Medical Arts

The Medical Arts Building that I showed you on Tuesday is another Depression-era building that sits across the street from the downtown post office. Built in 1932, it's a weird mix of Gothic and Art Deco with a facade of shiny tan terra cotta tiles. It was supposed to be 13 storeys tall, but only got to 10 because, as I mentioned, there was a Great Depression going on.

This is the main entrance. It really should have a moat and drawbridge, but alas, it only has regular concrete pavement in front. Whenever I look at the inscription over the door, I'm always convinced that it really says "Medieval Arts."


Hilda said...

Your last paragraph got me laughing out loud again. And I agree with you on both counts!
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Julie said...

great architecture and funny observation.

Babooshka said...

You can hear a fanfare. The drepression really did throw up some stunning architectural pieces.

Virginia said...

Gorgeous building. WHere's my handsome prince?