Monday, February 23, 2009

Marley and Me

Actually, it's really Rudy, one of the twenty-two canine stars who played Marley in the film Marley and Me - he's the one who destroyed the snowman in the movie. Oh, Rudy.

Rudy was the Grand Marshal of the annual Mardi Growl parade in downtown Knoxville.

Five hundred people and their dogs paraded through the Old City, then down Gay Street to Market Square to help raise money for a local animal shelter.

These photos were shot as the parade began in the Old City. I found that when you sit curb-side at doggie eye-level, you get a lot of dogs coming over to say "hi."

Watching five hundred costumed people walking their costumed dogs down the street is quite an impressive sight. I really wasn't at a place where I could get a good shot of that, but I have a few more individual shots that I'll post tomorrow. Because I like dogs, that's why.


Tanya said...

Doggie eye level, gotta remember that! He's so cute! I love dogs too :)

Anonymous said...

I stopped and read your blog and looked at the photograph. I just wanted you to know.The dog looks like our Cuddles who lived to be 22.

Jacob said...

Mardi Growl. Heh. Heh. Rudy's a pretty good looking dog.

marley said...

I thought you were trying to tell me something with your title! lol!

Great idea to use a superstar to help raise funds :)

Virginia said...

RUDY RUDY RUDY! Love that snazzy collar. I want to see more doggy pics please.

Knoxville Girl said...

Tanya - this parade was just pure bliss for me, everyone was so friendly.
Abe- sounds like Cuddles lived a long happy life.
Jacob - I agree, Rudy had stage presence.
Marley - ack! I hope I didn't give you a fright with the title. superstar, indeed
V - your wish is my command. tune in tomorrow...