Saturday, June 28, 2008


The nineteenth annual Kuumba Festival, which highlights African and African American arts and culture, came to Market Square yesterday in a flurry of dancing and color. The Kuumba Watoto Dance and Drum Company treated the crowd to high energy traditional African dances.
The Free Spirit Stilt Walkers also amazed and delighted the crowd with their costumes and dancing.
Not to mention their political endorsement. Election years are so very interesting. 


Chris said...

We just had a similar celebration last weekend here. I didn't get the chance to go by it, though.

Apologies for not commenting a lot lately. . . .under a lot of stress which will hopefully end with the month (and the subject of my post tomorrow). Thanks for understanding@@

babooshka said...

My deranged laptop is no longer holding my pics hostage. It happens here to when elections are on "the kissing baby vote." Itried stilts as a child then discovered jack daniels. Stilts just had to go along with the pogo stick.