Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wherefore Art Thou, Honda Hootists?

It's Honda Hoot weekend, and I promised you motorcycles. But where could they be? The sign said Bike Night, but I didn't see any bikes. I wandered down to the Ships-a-Hoot party on the waterfront. I saw lots of bikers. I even saw Elvis. But no bikes.
I asked Elvis, "Where are all the bikes?" He said " Down at the end of Lonely Street at the Heartbreak Hotel." "Uh, thanks." I could see I was on my own for this one. So I wandered around downtown on my fruitless search. Groups of cycles would buzz by - three down one street, then four down another street, always too fast for my camera. I felt like Monsieur la Vache chasing his swarm of Vespas, just out of reach...until I finally spotted and snapped this little group.
But you know, Elvis was right - many cycles were at the hotel, safely resting after a long ride on the Dragon at Deals Gap in the Smokies (318 curves in 11 miles!).
The moral of this tale? Don't count your Hondas before they Hoot.


Knoxville Girl said...

Abe! I cropped Elvis! The photo I took had two really big people on either side of him, so distracting. This is my first crop - I'm a Photoshop toddler! Thanks for your advice on cropping.

babooshka said...

You got him. Obviously Elvis had to be the star, and cropping was the right way to go. Hot Honda and Elvis. What a combo.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent post... and fancy meeting you here Babooshka..

Anonymous said...

I do visit and I do comment and I was here. I did look at your picture(s) and I did read what you wrote about them. I could say how great you are and how beautiful your work is but alas I would soon run out of things to say on the next blog I visited, so I just left this to prove I stopped and said a few words on Sunday.

Jim said...

Neat row of bikes, and I knew Elvis was still alive, not aging a day.