Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buried Paths

Let's continue our tour of Underground Knoxville by going aboveground, crossing Gay Street, and descending into another of the forgotten corridors of downtown. This section runs along more of the buildings owned by developer David Dewhirst. 
The top photo made me giggle - it looks like the march of the zombies. We're in a long passage with the retaining walls for filled-in Gay Street on the right, and portals to the buildings on the left. Watch your step! The sidewalk is a bit uneven here. Copper pipes overhead are festooned with cobwebs and an incongruous string of Christmas lights  - hey, look out for that standpipe. You can see the 15 foot difference in levels.
David has been reworking the entrances to the buildings. They are now fronted with glass windows and doorways. We even have a little fall decoration, although I'm pretty sure the mums are only here to brighten up the tour. 
Tomorrow we'll conclude the tour by going down the rabbit hole and popping out - where?


Virginia said...

Was it creepy? Hope not! Funny, that top one. Single file now.

Hilda said...

I'm finding this tour fascinating! Since you had to go back up before descending again, I take it not all the underground passages are connected? Why?

I can't ask David, so you have to be our virtual tour guide. :)

Jim said...

That top one reminds me of what we had to walk down every day when I was in the Air Force. We just went deeper and deeper. After a few times we got used to it.

Laurie said...

That zombie shot is fantastic! THis is a really interesting trek, Ms. Knox. Tell me we're getting out of here and back above ground!

Knoxville Girl said...

V - not nearly as creepy as it used to be back in the day.
Hilda - Think of Gay Street as the Great Wall of China - it was built up 15 feet higher, but the original sidewalks weren't - new sidewalks were attached to the buildings' 2nd floor facades, leaving a space between old and new sidewalks that ran parallel to the buildings on either side. There were never any connections under the street from one side to the other.
Jim - didja happen to see Dick Cheney down there? Osama?
Laurie - all in good time. we have one more stop before we head for the stairs.

Virginia said...

Don't get all impressed with my banner making skills. I learned it at "Apple School". Thought it would be neat cause I could use my own fancy font and put the text where I actually wnated it instead of where Blogger wants it. It took my blog link off my profile page. Back to the ordinary font way up at the top of the banner. I am picky about the unimportant things!
Cheers to the FB!

marley said...

The top photo was so funny once I read about the zombies! Can't wait to see where you pop out tomorrow!

Hope said...

Oh my goodness...this is so Cool! Can't wait to see the Rabbit Hole photos! A side of Knoxville not many of us will ever get to see. I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to go down there. Don't like cobwebs, darkness, closed-in spaces...and so on. So, I'll be content with looking at your wonderful photos. The Zombie shot made be smile!

babooshka said...

This place is awesome. I will indeed be folloing the white rabbit tomorrow. No I've wondered into another book or song there. Dawn of the dead. Ramsey night out.