Friday, October 3, 2008

Sphere and Crescent

Coming home from tai chi class yesterday, I noticed the crescent moon hovering beside the Sunsphere as the sunset faded to an oxblood red on the horizon. Well, who could resist stopping for a photo?

Whatever you do, don't resist Sky Watch Friday this week. 

And speaking of class, I volunteered to be in the group photo modeling our brand new Year of the Rat t-shirts. Our instructor had brought her camera for the photo, but when it came time to shoot, she paused and said, "Oh no, the battery's dead. I don't suppose anyone else has a camera I could use?" I smiled and pulled my trusty Fuji out of my bag to save the day. My friend Lynn looked at me for a moment and said, "you're going to blog this, aren't you?"


Leedra said...

Love this photograph of our icon. Will be waiting to see you 'blog this'.

Saretta said...

What an unusual building (nice shot with the moon!). Looks like something you'd see in Dubai perhaps.

My son is like your friends. Whenever I pull out my camera he huffs and puffs "Oh, not again! Why do you have to take pictures of everything?!" Answer...because I like to!

USelaine said...

Yes, yes! Where is the shot!

You know, like yourself, I almost never leave the house without my camera. I say almost, because yesterday I was running late for my dental appointment and left it at home! There were such good pictures I could have taken in there! My beautiful x-rays on the digital screen! My dentist with his "game board" working through the images! My hygienist with her tray of tools! I couldn't stop talking about it. They were glad to be done with me. No cavities.

babooshka said...

That buiding looks like a giant golden karaoke microphone. I haven't seen a crescent moon for ages. Spooky image. We are not allowed to say rat(oh darn it done it!) we refer to them as longtails. Superstition. Trusty camera saved the day. Wll told tale,a dn of course it needed to be virutally shared. Threaten to take a snap of your friend for the blog. That scares the hell out of them!

Jim said...

Looks like a disco ball and the moon. Nice shot.

Hope said...

A wonderful photo of our Sunsphere! Just beautiful, Knoxville Girl!

Also, good save on the group shot modeling the new t-shirts. I bet you were thinking...."See, I told you so!"

Carrying around a camera is just so much fun!

Virginia said...

" and they danced to the light of the moon!"

I bought a smaller, lightweight Fuji to stick in my purse when lugging the big boy around is too cumbersome. Now I am covered on all scores. Love your story!

Hilda said...

Hee hee, I like your story. My friends — and my husband — look at me funny all the time! :D

Gorgeous photo! Gawd, and I'm old enough that the Sunsphere reminds me of disco balls!

Knoxville Girl said...

Of course, I'll have to ask everyone's permission to post their images. But I can say that we all look FABulous.
Ha! Disco balls! I remember them too. And Mr. Microphone.

marley said...

I'm glad you didn't resist stopping. It would have been a missed photo for us all! This is a great photo for sky watch.